ASPS Design Studio was founded in the 2006 by the architect and designer Alberto Sala and the graphic designer and communication creative Paolo Sala.

The studio contaminates itself with different skills mixing product design, communication, graphic design web application and illustration.

AS – Alberto Sala  → 

Architect and designer, is professionally involved in visual communication for product and furniture design companies. Teaches in the Faculty of Design at the Politecnico di Milano (Politecnic of Milan), in the area of virtual representation and modeling of architectural spaces.
Collaborates with the INDACO department of the Faculty of Design, in the visual communications and interior design sector. Follows a research path in computer graphics applied to photo realism.
In 2002, participated as founding memberof the rnd-lab collective. In 2006 he starts the asps studio experience.

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PS – Paolo Sala → 

Abandoned the Faculty of Physics in 2000 he enrolls at the degree course in Industrial Design at Politecnico of Milano with the communication design specialization. From the first months works as a freelancer for various communication projects, especially in the field of printed graphics, developing also the first research projects in multimedia.
During the Erasmus project at the London Metropolitan University, extends and strengthens the interest in other disciplines, including photography, light design and product design. After graduating in 2005 with a thesis on type design begin is professional journey working at Cacao Design in Milan, where he developes design projects, focusing on graphics, branding projects, web design, event and product design. In parallel and in agreement with the agency, continues his freelance activities, until in 2009, decides to go it alone and open with his brother Alberto Sala the ASPS Design Studio. 

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